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*Please activate your device after signing up with Owl Care. By not activating Owl Care after you sign up with a tech at Owl Repairs your device is at risk for accidental drops or anything else not included in the limited manufacturing parts warranty.

Owl Care

Lifetime Warranty

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Owl Care Details


OWL CARE comes with 1 FREE Accidental Repair 90 day after repair, or longer if coverage is extended by customer! *Free Repair Must be done at Owl Repair Location. Claim must be filed and approved by insurance company*

Unlimited # of Claims for Accidental Damage Repairs, Lost or Stolen, Or Broken Beyond Repair during 90 Day Coverage period, or longer if coverage is extended by customer.

Accidental Damage for coverage includes but not limited to the following types of Accidental Damages: Cracked Screen, Broken Display, Water Damage, Liquid Damage, Broken Charge Ports, Cracked Back Glass, Broken Camera, Broken Camera Lenses, and MORE! Covers the entire device from any accidental damage. Also covers your device for Lost, Stolen, Or Broken Beyond Repairable, but higher deductible may apply.

Cell Phones: After Owl Care Coverage Period Expires, Extended Coverage Starts at

$7.99 a month for $400 of Coverage,

$8.49 a month for $500 of Coverage,

$8.99 a month for $600 of Coverage,

$9.49 a month for $700 of Coverage,

$9.99 a month for $800 of Coverage,

$10.49 a month for $900 of Coverage,

$10.99 a month for $1000 of Coverage,

*Coverage is maximum covered per claim with Unlimited Number of Claims!

Lost/ Theft/ Or Broken Beyond Repair deductible is $75 per claim with up to $400 of Coverage. Any Accidental Damage Repair Claim after the 1st claim will have a $75 deductible with up to $400 of coverage. Claim must be redeemed within 90 days of repair unless coverage is extended by customer after 90 days on a monthly basis with no lapse in coverage.

As of November 1st, 2020, OWL CARE is coverage of 90 days after repair provided to Owl Repairs Customers who complete a Cell Phone or Tablet repair with Owl Repairs. Not all Cell Phone or Tablet Repairs through Owl Repair will come with OWL CARE please ensure that your does or doesn’t have Owl Care. Coverage can be extended by customer at their expense after 90 days or 3 months. After 90 Days, Owl Care Coverage Expires if not extended on a monthly Basis at the expense of the customer. Every Owl Phone or Tablet Repair comes with a Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty that only covers the part being replaced for a defect, even after Owl Care 90 expires or is not retained. Limited Lifetime Warranty is voided if there is any physical damage, liquid damage, Video Blackout/Video Damage/Video Panel Damage. Registration is required at time of initial repair for eligibility. *Legal Disclaimer: Certain Manufacturers and Models maybe excluded or incur additional charges. Coverages are subject to change and all coverages and claims  are processed by independent insurance company working directly with Owl Repairs. Owl Repairs is not a licensed insurance agent, broker, or underwriter, etc.  Owl Repairs is not responsible for any claims, coverages, or guarantees provided by independent insurance companies.




Securing your most essential assets is a necessary action in creating a healthy individual monetary plan. The best insurance plan will go a lengthy way towards helping you secure your making power and your belongings. Pick a special needs plan that gives sufficient protection to enjoy your current lifestyle even if you cannot proceed to function.

Prevent paying a full retail expense for a replacement phone if the unforeseen takes place. Get a replacement mobile phone in as little as 24 hrs. Protection for loss, burglary, damage, fluid damages, and problems after the maker’s warranty ends. Protection for split displays as well as other unintended damage. Loss and also theft protection, which is not typically covered with other warranty plans.

Please note that for the most part, the insurance deductible is far much less than the full market price that you would certainly pay for a new smart device beyond agreement renewal.

Most phones, laptop computers, and various other electronic tools included a specific guarantee covering supplier defects. With brand-new phones going beyond $1,000, your smart device has come to be a financial investment, and it’s affordable to take into consideration added defense. You’re secured from drops, theft, and water damage also when your warranty quits. You obtain coverage immediately as well as you’re covered almost everywhere you go. Two years of coverage sets you back a fraction of your phone expenses. It did not matter when you acquired your phone or tool or if it’s utilized. You obtain a discount rate when you choose Progressive! There’s a likelihood you have dropped your phone as well as shattered the screen.

Nevertheless, most of the time, it’s not covered under the producer’s conventional guarantee. That’s where smartphone insurance comes in. It covers slides, accidents, and also those did not- mean-to minutes your warranty does not, including broken screens, fluid damages, theft, and also, yes, drops. There’s no age limit for your tool, and you are covered worldwide.

If your cellphone is damaged, Just submit an insurance claim, and your case agent will either direct you to a repair service shop.

Repairing electronic devices from computer systems to cellular phones and TVs is made complex. It would be best if you were educated regarding challenging systems from numerous manufacturers and continuously finding out updated abilities as new technologies emerge. And if software programs or data on a computer or cellphone are lost, damaged, or messed up, you can give Owl Repairs a call today. 

The list of covered tools depends on your remote carrier’s particular cellular phone insurance policy program.


Below are some examples of regularly protected gadgets:

-Function phones.
-Tablet Computers.
-Laptop Computer Link Cards (information cards and Mi-Fi tools).
-Popular function phones.

Also, mobile phones from most significant suppliers (e. g. Apple Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy) are qualified for protection.
Even more, than half the people in our country make use of an iPhone, or at least some Apple product, be it an iPad, Apple Watch, and even a MacBook. At first, it feels great to possess such power as well as strong gizmos and an excellent financial investment. However, one way or another, you will certainly understand that your iPhone or iPad will require some maintenance, and in worse instances, repairs and substitutes.

Unless you take your tool to a trusted mobile phone repair store in Kennesaw, Marietta, and Atlanta. GA near you. Most of us know just how much you love your apple iPhone, and also, that one little split on your display makes you squeal. Most of us might not have Apple protection or prolonged guarantees for our gadgets, and rates can be a little high and may not be worth getting all the additional.

This is why, if there ever before comes a time where your phone needs to be dealt with, make sure you discover the appropriate place for cellular phone repair service in Kennesaw, Marietta, and Atlanta. GA. Hence, to make this simpler for you, we’ve assembled a checklist of variables that you must consider while looking for iPhone repair work in Kennesaw, Marietta, and Atlanta. GA, or any various other kinds of cell phone repair in Kennesaw, Marietta, and Atlanta. GA, on Google.

Even if you do have phone insurance coverage, our rates are assured to beat your insurance policy deductibles out by a slim chance. Some repair work prices may be more excellent at various other Cell Phone Repair Service Shops, however at Owl Repair services in Kennesaw, Marietta, Atlanta. GA, you will undoubtedly get the most affordable and also fastest service.

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