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    5 star review  I never had dropped my cell until now. Brand new and of coarse prior to getting any type of cover, face down on concrete, Like everyone else I was crushed to see the screen cracked. These gentlemen got me in the next morning and repaired it perfectly in no time. I looked online at pricing and all others are 3 times the cost. So I highly recommend them and to support the local small companies over the corporate companies. Thanks for so much.

    thumb Ron Schappe

    5 star review  Extremely fast turn around. The most competitive prices. Super chill staff. What more can you ask

    thumb Chakier Francis

    5 star review  Excellent service, extremely satisfied with the repair of my iPhone and the customer service FAR exceeded my expectations. Even purchased an iPhone case, from the many options, that were available. Will be back for any iPhone repair needs.

    thumb Kelly Hitt

    5 star review  I randomly had an issue with my iPhone 7s Audio/microphone, I practically spent a whole day going to various repair shops to only be sent away. I finally found out I have to replace my Audio IC(whatever that means)it’s a hard drive issue, so it isn’t a easy fix. (which I need atm) I would have to leave my phone for about a week, i don’t have the time for that now. Owl repair was my last hope! I showed up and got greeted by the nicest employee named Ricardo. He is very patient and personal. He told me everything I’ve already been told BUT he didn’t send me away. He was nice enough to try to give me a quick fix, it worked! (hopefully it’ll last awhile) but I can make phone calls now and I feel temporarily relieved! He informed me about coming back to get my phone permanently fixed Once i have the time or seriously need to. Super happy with Ricardo’s customer service.

    thumb maria romaen

Why Choose Cell Phone Repair Atlanta


Why Choose Us? Why Provide the Best Repair Service in town

At Owl Repair, we strive to earn trust with our customers. That is why all of our iPhone and Android repairs come with our #GoldStandard Lifetime Warranty. That means you know exactly what you are paying for. Our friendly and trained staff will help make your experience at Owl Repair quick and pleasant. We do not guarantee water resistance on any repair. Warranty does not cover liquid damage or physical damage; cracked screen, damaged oled, or broken lcd.

We fix everything! Computer and Cell Phone Repair near Atlanta GA

We have experienced technicians who will fix your phone in less than an hour. We have seen all sorts of damaged phones from water damaged phones in the pool to a phone ran over by a car. Bring your phone in today for a free estimate.


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    Cell Phone Repair in Atlanta, GA

    We can not survive without our cell phone. Market statistics indicate the growing use of phones over desktops and tablets for searches and purchases. They are an important part of our life but also an important part of our headaches. Although they are increasingly dependable, in case of trouble they usually cannot be repaired on our own. We are ready to repair your device at Owl Repairs.  Whether it is an iPod, iPad, iPhone or Samsung Android or any of the latest smartphones we can help you with premium quality replacement parts. Come to us with any problem; dropped phones, water damage, or hardware issues. We are the #1 cell phone, computer and tablet repair company around.

    Many of our customers are looking for affordable cheap screen repair or computer repair services. All of our technicians are very knowledgeable on any type of repairs.   Feel free to call us any time to get a free quote.

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    We Fix Electronic Devices + Cell Phone Repairs near Atlanta, Georgia – iPads, Androids, iPhones, Game Consoles, Samsung, Laptop, Computer, Apple Watch and More

    Whatever the operating system or device, be it Apple iPhone or Android, Owl Repairs  can handle it and can do it better than any

    other shop. We can help you not only with your phone but with your game console, desktop, laptop, tablet, or

    apple watch.

    Are you looking for Atlanta Cell phone repair accessories?

    We have a complete supply of accessories for your devices. No matter how you carry your phone, we have the case for it. You will find heavy-duty cases, light cases, and even screen protectors. We also carry all the charging adaptors, as well as the necessary USB connections to use or charge your phone in your car. Phone Holders for your phone are even more important now then ever which will allow you to mount your phone to be able to hear the voice instructions as you drive. They also allow a quick look at the visual display when stopped for a red light.

    We have the headphones and earpieces for you to call and receive calls or listen to your playlist wherever you are. If you at home or a party, we have the Bluetooth speakers that will add to your enjoyment. We can help not only with hardware problems but also can troubleshoot any software issues that are bedeviling the use of your phone. Many people have trouble understanding the use of syncing or the cloud in their work. Our technicians can explain these systems to you and recommend the apps or hardware that you need to fully exploit them.

    We have a good reputation in our community. We will gladly tell you the cause of a problem, such as short battery life, lcd failure, frozen screen and other issues. We know that good advice makes good customers. We offer Free diagnostics on all electronic repairs. We may just have to give you a hand by suggesting a different charger. If that does not fix it, the cause may be a battery problem. We will teach you to realize that keeping too many applications going is a common reason for a battery drainage problem. Our staff will can pinpoint any issue you may have. An easy fix is that of lessening the brightness of your display. Another tip that very few people realize is the advantage of using auto connect Wi-Fi whenever you can rather than using a cellular network.

    Need Cell Phone Repair / Device Unlock Service around Atlanta, GA?

    We offer iPhone unlock and android unlock services at Owl Repair Atlanta iPhone Repair. Give us a call to verify your device. Most phones come locked to the carrier that you originally bought your phone from. We have the technology to unlock your phone which will give you the option to use the same phone with a different cell phone provider.  For Example if you have a Verizon locked phone once you unlock the phone you are able to use the same phone on the T-Mobile Network.

    Did you Crack your Screen? Cell Phone Repair Atlanta Service

    One of the most common problems that we work on are cracked screens. We offer an affordable way to get your phone fixed, if you are out of warranty. If you are on your own with no warranty, it is best to take care of the crack in the screen quickly before the whole screen shatters. The best solution for a cracked screen is to let a professional screen repair service fix it.  The best way to avoid a cracked screen  is to have used a protective screen cover that will protect your phone and make it last longer.

    If your Android, Samsung, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, Laptop or Computer won’t charge

    If your phone does not charge properly, the problem may the charging port. If you are lucky, you can try to clean it by brushing it lightly with an old toothbrush. If this does not fix it, do not go any further. You need to bring it in for a free diagnosis. It may be necessary to change the charging port. This simple repair can get your phone up to speed again.

    If your Smartphone camera isn’t working

    Another common problem which you can not handle yourself and needs our expert attention is that of anything concerning the camera. Today’s cameras are so sophisticated that they deserve our attention and respect. Today’s cell phone cameras are as good as most handheld cameras.

    If we have not mentioned the problem you are having with your phone, get in touch with us today. We can work on the problem once you tell us what it is.

    If you have an questions please feel free to reach out to us at any time on our Contact Page. If you need any tips check out our Blog Page. Visit any of our repair locations Kennesaw GA, Marietta GA or Atlanta, GA.