Terms & Conditions

I certify that I am the owner of the device described in this document. In the event that I am found not to be the true owner of this device, I assume all liability for any claim made as a result of the repair services rendered by this Owl Repair location; this includes claims that assert negligence on the part of the Owl Repair technician.

I understand that technical support rendered by Owl Repair may void manufacturer warranties for this device. Owl Repair employees nor owners assume any liability or warrant in the event that the manufacturer warranties are voided.

Except for the Limited Lifetime Display Warranty included iPhone & Samsung display repairs , I understand that the Owl Repair offers no verbal or written warranty, either express or implied, regarding the success of this technical support. Any physical damage, liquid damage, or internal damage to the display or parts replaced will void the limited lifetime warranty. Warranty covers only the part being replaced and does not extend to the device. Owl Repairs offers no refunds unless the repair is unable to be completed. In the event an item or part is defective then Owl Repair will replace the defective part with another part without charging for labor. In the event a higher grade part is deemed necessary to solve an issue the customer will only be responsible for the difference in part cost, but not be required to repay for labor.

All content (whether private or public) that is on the device being repaired is the sole responsibility of the person who submitted it. Thus, you are responsible for your content. You are responsible for backing up your content prior to any repair, and in the event a loss of data or content occurs Owl Repair can not be held responsible. You acknowledge that the technician may disclose content observed on the device being repaired if legally required to do so.

Owl Repair will store repaired devices at any location for a period of up to, but no longer than 90 days, (3 months), without any form of contact or special arrangements. Furthermore, after this period, the device becomes abandoned and Owl Repair will remove the device from its location or recycle the device. Owl Repair can not be held legally responsible after this period, and has the option to remove or recycle the device from its location without any legal action.

Please be advised that this device is being repaired by an independently owned and operated Owl Repair location.You should know that we take caution while repairing your device; however, there is always a possibility that something could go wrong. By giving us your device to repair you agree to these terms & conditions, and in exchange for the services being rendered, you acknowledge that Owl Repair is not an authorized service dealer and the parts used for repairs may not be provided by original manufacturers. Further, by giving us your device to repair, you agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Owl Repair, it’s employees, or the owner. Allowing us to preform repairs on your device, you agree not to take any legal action in any forum against Owl Repair or their affiliates, and your actions to allow us to preform a repair shall act as a complete and full release as an affirmative covenant not to sue. Also, your signature confirms all acknowledgements above.

I authorize OWL REPAIR technician(s) to perform repair work on my electronic device. I understand that OWL REPAIR technicians have been trained to perform work on electronic devices but OWL REPAIR is not an authorized service dealer. Further, I agree to release, indemnify, and hold OWL REPAIR from liability for any claims or damages of any kind or description that may arise from any repair work performed on my electronic device. I understand that OWL REPAIR is not responsible for any data loss, which may occur as a result of work done on my electronic device. I also understand that I have the option to, and I am responsible for backing up the device before allowing any repair to be performed on my device in the event of any data loss and hardware or software/device failure. I understand that repairs or technical support performed by OWL REPAIR may void manufacturer warranties, especially in the case of iOS device repairs. OWL REPAIR and its affiliates do not assume any liability or warranty in the event that the manufacturer warranties are voided but may, at its sole discretion, offer its own warranty on the parts and/or services performed.