Looking at a Computer Screen or Cell Phone Screen to Long can Damage your Eyes

Digital screen will expose your eyes to blue light. This blue light exposure from a small screen such as a cell phone is comparable to the amount of exposure directly from the sun.


What all falls under the category of a Digital Device?


Owl Repairs checked in with Katy to see what she does to protect her eyes!

“For anyone who is on their computer 8+ hours a day, like me, I HIGHLY recommend getting blue light blocking lenses. I love mine! I don’t get screen induced headaches anymore and my eyes don’t feel strained at the end of the day. This is great for long term eye health as well!!!” – Katy – Atlanta, GA

Symptoms of Digital Eyestrain

The symptoms of digital eyestrain include headaches, stiff necks, sore and/or tired eyes. Blue light from our computer screens, phone screens and tablets screen causes our eyes to work much harder and increases the risk of aging faster.

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Steps on How to use the Windows 10 Blue Light Filter to Save Eyes from Straining

  • Open Settings on your windows computer
  • Click on the display option
  • Look for the Night Light Option > Turn On
  • You are able to Schedule the Blue Light Filter for certain hours.

blue light computer repair doraville ga windows 10

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