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Second Report Says that Apple Car Production Would be in the US, Hyundai Nervous

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A recent report has said that Apple is producing its car and it is going in the US. The same reports have said that Hyundai is nervous about making a car for Apple and has also decided against it. And they also have another proposal that it thinks will work a lot better.

Hyundai releases statement about apple communication

A possible deal was first known to the public when Hyundai released a statement saying that Apple communicated with the company. Given this strict secrecy, Apple has applied to commercial partnerships. Around Apple car project, especially which disclosed recently didn’t also go well. The company has also quickly removed this statement.

This being the case, it is still unclear if Apple will trust the company this much to move ahead with the talks, but Reuters says that Hyundai is a lot tense about how and if the partnership will succeed. The main issue behind all this mess is that both companies have long been in charge and used to it.


Hyundai is known for not working with other companies


Hyundai is already quite famously known for not working with outsiders. They are making engines, transmissions, and also its own steel in the house under the vertically integrated supply chain being South Korea’s second-biggest conglomerate.

Apple is the Boss

Whereas on the other end, Apple is the boss. They do everything on their own. This includes their marketing, products, their brand. And Hyundai is the boss as well. And hence two bosses don’t often work well as both want to be the boss.

It is being said that this Apple car will be made in the US. if Apple would be giving Hyundai another chance after making it public, South Korean carmakers will have a potential solution to the culture clash to get the car made by Kia. Kia is a subsidiary of Hyundai and hence is used to be under the control of other people.

There have been conflicting reports from Apple

Some conflicting reports reflected Apple’s plans. But a more recent and fresh report claimed that Cupertino company surely does have a plan to make an Apple-branded car rather than only making in-car tech or self-driving smarts. A few have suggested that Apple Car Production could start in 2024. Some have also said that the launch maybe in 2028 or even later.


Recent Apple Release

The recent Apple release of its new devices has already created a buzz, and now Apple is headed towards more and more. They are getting ready to bring the Apple car that will be equipped with the latest technology without any doubt. It will have all the features known to give the rider maximum comfort and give the highest functionality.
Another person familiar with this matter has said that Apple would prefer to bring in major parts of its very won design, i.e. bodies, frames, drive trains, and many other parts. From various areas to source these parts and rely on Hyundai and Kia for the final assembly.

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Apples New iOS 14.2 Causing Some Major Battery Drain Issues – iPhone Users Complaints

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The Battery drain issue has only affected older versions of the iPhone, including iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone SE 2020. Their has been reports of issues on some iPads. Apple has yet to provide in solution on this issue.

There are many reports/complaints via Reddit, twitter, and apples forums.

In most cases, the iPhone models running on iOS 14.2 are reportedly seeing battery life dropping quite significantly. People have seen the battery drop over 50 percent in less than 30 minutes, as highlighted in multiple user posts. Some users have also observed a sudden gain in the battery percentage after restarting their devices.

“My phone battery was perfectly fine before the update,” one of the affected users wrote on the Apple Developer Forums. “Now, it goes to one percent from 70 percent in a matter of minutes.”

In many cases, the iPhones running iOS 14.2 people have seen the battery drop over 50 percent in than 30 minutes.

If you haven’t updated your iPhone to iOs 14.2, it may be worth waiting for the next update that could carry a fix for the reported battery drain issues.

This is not the first time iPhone users have faced battery draining issue after a new update. Apple addressed the recent complaints in October iOS 14 Updated and suggested to the affected users to erase all their settings and from the phones to fix the issues.

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How to Protect your Eyes from Computer Screens & Cell Phone Screens – Blue Light Blocking Glass

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Looking at a Computer Screen or Cell Phone Screen to Long can Damage your Eyes

Digital screen will expose your eyes to blue light. This blue light exposure from a small screen such as a cell phone is comparable to the amount of exposure directly from the sun.


What all falls under the category of a Digital Device?


Owl Repairs checked in with Katy to see what she does to protect her eyes!

“For anyone who is on their computer 8+ hours a day, like me, I HIGHLY recommend getting blue light blocking lenses. I love mine! I don’t get screen induced headaches anymore and my eyes don’t feel strained at the end of the day. This is great for long term eye health as well!!!” – Katy – Atlanta, GA

Symptoms of Digital Eyestrain

The symptoms of digital eyestrain include headaches, stiff necks, sore and/or tired eyes. Blue light from our computer screens, phone screens and tablets screen causes our eyes to work much harder and increases the risk of aging faster.

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Steps on How to use the Windows 10 Blue Light Filter to Save Eyes from Straining

  • Open Settings on your windows computer
  • Click on the display option
  • Look for the Night Light Option > Turn On
  • You are able to Schedule the Blue Light Filter for certain hours.

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